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On 05. Jun 2012

Gabriele will spread the ZEAM word world-wide

Gabriele will spread the ZEAM word world-wide Hi there out there. I got my ZEAM a couple of days ago from the one and only Mr Sustainability in Austria, i.e. from Alfred Strigl. Look at and read about him in German (English version coming soon): http://www.plenum.at/de/de/das_team/menschen/alfred_strigl.html
I just finished a great CSR and sustainability training designed and performed by Alfred and his wonderful plenum team and I, hereby, promise to spread the word about Austrian CSR, sustainability and the wonderful ZEAM idea word-wide.
This promise shouldn´t be too difficult to keep, since I am working at international level for TermNet, the International Network for Terminology (www.termnet.org) and my own company, the European Business Consultancy Management and More (www.management-and-more.at).
Next week I´ll give away the first twenty ZEAMS at a EU-conference about CSR and SMEs in Berlin.


05. Juni 2012
On 01. Jun 2012

CSR-Lehrgang 2012

CSR-Lehrgang 2012 Liebe Gabriele!

"Jung ist, wer noch staunen und sich begeistern kann. Wer die Ereignisse herausfordert und sich freut am Spiel des Lebens."
(Marc Aurel)

Lass Dich von der Zeam inspirieren, begleite sie ein Stück des Weges und gib Sie dann an einen Dir lieben Menschen weiter.



01. Juni 2012