A Swiss pine travels around the world…


Zirbe auf Weltreise 51,243 Swiss pine chips embark on a journey… Traveling from one person to another, they are given as a token of appreciation and gratitude, connecting people around the globe.


By passing on ZEAMs, little hand-charmers made from Swiss pine that are all part of one large tree, this connectedness becomes tangible. Each ZEAM is personalized with an ID. An online chronicle illustrates the path of each ZEAM with words, images and infographics. Zeam is the Styrian dialect term for a Swiss pine (German: Zirbe) and has also lent its name to this project.


Danke Zeam








Creating greater awareness of sustainability and responsibility

This project aims to encourage participants to see the bigger picture again. They can experience how we are all both interconnected and connected to nature:

  • by feeling the handy wooden chip and personally passing it on as a gift to someone else.
  • via digital illustration on a web 2.0 platform and

through the sustainable and playful awareness-raising process and the mindfulness this supports.



The ID number imprinted on one side also turns the ZEAM into a ticket to access the interactive online community at ZEAM.at: Travel itineraries and experiences are shared online via digital maps, blogs and photos.


Zeam mit Code


 ZEAMs are made to inspire and then be gifted to someone special