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01. Dezember 2012
Martin Kirchner
am 11. Okt 2012

Sustainable Innovation Quest

Sustainable Innovation Quest Dear Evelyn,

With this ZEAM, we want to express our gratitude for having a wonderful week in Walsberg with you, and our appreciation for your courage and creativity to set out for contributing to a better world. May out of the seeds sowed in Walsberg grow something great which bears fruits. May the sustainable innovations developed during this week spread like this ZEAM does, and contribute to making our society a more sustainable one.

Let this ZEAM remind you about the strength and power within you which is enabling you to overcome your obstacles and even walk on fire.

It was a huge pleasure spending the Sustainable Innovation Quest with you – thank you!

Martin, Jutta, Boris, Irma, Julian & Franzi

* ZEAMs are made to inspire, to be accompanied a bit of its way, and then gifted to a dear person.