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am 09. Aug 2016

One man's quest into the unknown

One man's quest into the unknown I left the land of England to explore the lands I've never walked on.
I left not knowing what will happen, who I'll meet or exactly where I'll go.
I have been wondering this earth freely for 3 months now and I've seen some incredible places. Met some amazing beautiful people, also met a special someone.
The special person gave me the zeam and I will take it with me everywhere, as well as other things they have given me.


09. August 2016
am 28. Jun 2016

New Beginning

This zeam is a symbol of love and thankfulness- I´m sure it will go along with a lot of kind people who are connected through traveling, happiness and love, same thoughts, ideas and ideals.
All the best for all of you fantastic human beings all around the world!
Keep your passion for the things you love, smile and be happy!
Bless all you lovely people- love and hugs from Germany, sme


28. Juni 2016