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am 05. Sep 2012

The journey of change towards sustainability

The journey of change towards sustainability Gapegu was given to me and Guido in Berlin, during a networking event organized under the project Sme advisors on CSR. Two days of sharing experiences and meeting people with one general aim: help small organizations in the journey of change towards sustainability. This is the message I wish Gapegu will take with on its journey, creating international links between people who cares about doing things better.


05. September 2012
am 08. Jun 2012

Pinus cembra tours the world

Pinus cembra tours the world Dear Participant of the EU networking event “Better CSR Advice to SMEs” in Berlin,

this is the story of an amazing journey. In your hand lies one of the 51.243 pieces of an Austrian arolla pine tree. These pieces of aromatic wood will travel round the world, given away as a sign of appreciation and thankfulness, connecting people around the globe.

A small piece of wood in the form of seeds of pinus cembra (which is called ZEAM in Styrian dialect) becomes the symbol of connectivity, solidarity and sustainability.

Be part of this story and join in the amazing journey of the ZEAM in your hands: Register your ZEAM and yourself at the website Every piece has its own ID burnt in the wood. Then log in and tell the chronicle of your ZEAM online: where you got it, who gave it to you, which adventurous, pleasant or weary journey you´ve had with the small piece of aromatic wood.

After a while of blogging and telling the story of your ZEAM, you should give it away to someone else to whom you want to say thank you!

The new owner of the ZEAM – maybe one of your SME clients – will register her/himself with the ID of the ZEAM, will continue the journey, will finally give it away – and you will always have access to the ongoing amazing story of one of the 51.243 pieces of an Austrian arolla pine tree travelling the world in the name of sustainability.

Join in this project and vision of an Austrian forester who gave birth to his idea of global appreciation of wood and nature after finishing an innovative training course in CSR and sustainability run by the Plenum Academy (


30. Mai 2012