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Li Li
am 10. Aug 2012

Thank you for taking me to houston

Thank you for taking me to houston I hope this is a cute way to say thank you to you and please pass this gratefulness on...


10. August 2012


07. August 2012


06. August 2012
am 03. Aug 2012

For my personal driver

For my personal driver Dear Li Li,
DANKE ("thank you") for being so kind to me during my stay here at UTA, and especially for always driving me to the longhorn superstore for taking me to get real food and experience the authentic bowling alley feeling!

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03. August 2012

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03. August 2012


03. August 2012
am 11. Jul 2012

Habt ihr den Blick geahnt?

Habt ihr den Blick geahnt? My dear Heterochiral and always standing friend,
thank you for the blissful time in my days in the CowB country, far away from worries and stress I felt once again happy. Take care my friend,


11. Juli 2012
am 07. Jul 2012

What a great fellow!

What a great fellow! Dear Andrea!
From the very first moment - when I opened the door - I felt connected and lucky. I wanna thank you for your openness, your carring and sharing, your giving and easiness, your creativity and humour. Keep your open heart! Hope that our homes won't be too far from each other. :) Ines


07. Juli 2012


29. Juni 2012