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10. Jul 2012


am 26. Okt 2012

Gået i hi!

Gået i hi! (Das Zeam und seine neue kuschelige Freundin Countie. Wie kuschelig! Schade, dass ein Zeam kein Fell hat.)

The title is my tribute to Mit Elskede (& Savnede) Danmark. :-D

The Zeam has been keeping a low profile lately and did a lot of exciting things without telling anybody. :-P It even went for a short trip from Wien to Eisenach (Schland!) and back in order to get its skis and winter clothes. There was no touristy stuff going on (like visiting the Incredible Wonderful Beautiful Best-Burg-Ever Wartburg or going on a hike in the Lovely Wicked Beautiful Fall-Colored Forests around Eisenach *Werbungmach*) - so we didn't even bother to take a picture.
Gotta log it into the Zeam-travel-mileage though, in case anyone's counting...

Hm, ansonsten hat Ria grad keine Lust zum öffenlichen Klugscheissen und Philosophieren und das Zeam überlegt gerade, ob es sich mit den Bob Ross Ölfarben das Wiener Stadtwappen auf den Rücken tätowieren lassen soll, oder ob es da noch Zeam-geeignetere Farben gibt...

Ausserdem in ein Urlaub in Süd-Schland geplant. B-)

***3 Dinge die ich an Wien liebe***
- dass es so gut zu meinen Adidas Goldschuhen passt.
- dass es das geilste Rathaus der Welt hat!
- dass es hier grad Herbst ist. Mit bunten Blättern und so.

Neues Land

26. Oktober 2012
am 16. Sep 2012

"Die ganze Welt dreht sich um mich..."

(Hier ist der Beweis, dass das Zeam sich weiterhin in Wien aufhält und bester Gesundheit erfreut. Wir distanzieren uns hiermit in aller Deutlichkeit von jeglichen Gerüchten, Ria habe das Zeam versehentlich im Klo heruntergespült und tue jetzt so, als sei nichts gewesen.)

This Blog-Post is about ~ SELFISHNESS ~ !! B-)

I found something really cool that I'd like to share - but first, let me quote the Master:

"Die ganze Welt dreht sich um mich
denn ich bin nur ein Egoist
der Mensch, der mir am nächsten ist
bin ich, ich bin ein Egoist

Ganz oben auf der Liste ja da stehe ich
Du mußt mir schon verzeih'n,
aber ich liebe mich..."

[Falco - "Egoist" :-D]

And here's what inspired me to promote Selfishness today:

There's a woman named Anita Moorjani who's telling a very fascinating story about her Near-Death-Experience!
She's sharing some amazing insights, like
- about experiencing the "Being-ONE-with-Everything+Everyone"
- about feeling the Unconditional Love of the Source enveloping her
- about suddenly having a much much much broader view of what we call "reality"
- about the nature of "time"
- about being the spirit who is creating her physical body + physical life experience
- AND about why "Selfishness" is a GOOD thing! :-) --and that's what I'd like to share here today.

You can see a lot of interviews where Anita tells her story on Youtube (I highly recommend watching one!!), and there's also a short video on her homepage ( where I found the following quote: She's asked about what was the biggest change for her after her near-death-experience, and in response she explains in the most beautiful way why loving yourSELF before all others is really the best thing you can do for everyone!

[it starts at ~15:50 into the video]
"...When I used to give love before, I used to 'give love' and I always felt that it was good to be 'a loving person'. What's changed dramatically for me since my experience is that I actually give MYSELF a lot of love, and the love that everybody else gets from me is a fallout, it's the overflow of the love that I give myself. So what happens as a result is that I don't get drained. In fact, the more I love myself the more other people are loved and the more replenished I am. Before my experience I used to always put other people before me, because we are always taught to do that, it's in our culture to do that. And I was always getting drained, always getting drained. And I always felt that the right thing to do is to be selfless, to put others before me. NOW I'm finding I'm even more selfless than ever before, even more loving than ever before, and in fact I'm more energized than ever before by being loving, simply because it feels more like I'm a vessel where I'm pouring the love into ME and it's pouring out onto everyone else around me. So I'd say that's the biggest change for me."

Beautiful! :-)

I've studied a lot of 'Abraham Hicks' material and they too teach selfishness in the way Anita describes it - here's a very insightful quote:
"If you would begin to reach for the feeling of well-being first, everything else would fall into place. If you were selfish enough to really follow your bliss, you would immediately be tapped into the Pure Positive Essence of who you are. ...because unless you are selfish enough to reach for that connection, you don't have anything to give anyone, anyway. And when you are selfish enough to make that connection - you have an enormous gift that you give everywhere."

Ja, und eben darum hat schon mein Lieblings-Wiener gesungen:

"Liebe kommt von lieben und ich fange bei mir an". :-)

***3 Dinge die ich an Wien liebe***
- dass auch der Herbst hier so geil ist! :-D
- mit der tiefergelegten 'Bim' am Ring langfahren, direkt neben den Autos + Fiakern!
- die vielen Pferde! :-)
am 08. Sep 2012

*The Lord of the Zeams*

*The Lord of the Zeams* (Hier wird ein [noch unbekanntes] Zeam fast von einem "Eichkatzerl" gefressen. So heissen offenbar die Ösi-Eichhörnchen. Zum Glück wissen Wiener Eichkatzerl aber, was sie sich wert sind, und nehmen nicht jeden Schmarrn den man ihnen hinhält. Das Zeam erfreut sich also weiterhin bester Gesundheit.)

Jetzt durften das Zeam und ich also endlich mal The One-and-Only-Master-of-the-Zeam Martin kennenlernen. *geehrtsei!* In inoffiziellen Kreisen nennt man ihn nur "The Lord of the Zeams". Gerüchten zufolge soll er ein geheimes Hauptzeam besitzen, welches alle anderen Zeams in der Welt kontrollieren kann...

"One Zeam to rule them all,
One Zeam to find them,
One Zeam to bring them all
and in the blog-world bind them..."


Das Zeam und ich bedanken uns hiermit offiziell bei Martin für den "Zeam-Wandertag" im Schönbrunner Schlosspark, sowie für seine vielen extrem coolen Ideen und Anregungen!! ...und dafür, dass er damals die Zirbe auf dem Zirbitzkogel in der Steiermark zerhackt hat. Da muss man ja erstmal drauf kommen. *bedank!*

***3 Dinge die ich an Wien liebe***
- dass es hier auch Kölsch gibt - KÖLSCH!!!
- das Billa am Franz-Josefs-Bhf., weil es JEDEN TAG in der Woche von 6-21 Uhr offen hat - woohoo!!
- Sommer. (krass. Wer hätte das gedacht!)
am 29. Aug 2012

** Going with the Flow for Dummies **

** Going with the Flow for Dummies ** (das Zeam war in Wien Geocachen und hat eine Geocoin getroffen. Ich kannte die vorher nicht, aber sie zählt offenbar zur Art-Verwandtschaft der Zeams und reist von Cache zu Cache durch die ganze Welt. Mit Logbuch und allem. Vornehm.)

I have an exciting experiment going on at the moment:

I'm investigating the questions
* Is there a Flow of Life?
* If there is, how do I find it and go with it?
* If I go with it, will my life continually improve as a result? ...or will it get worse??

In the past I've made a career out of struggling the living daylights out of myself: First I struggled to survive (and I barely did). Then, after learning that I create my own reality, I struggled trying to realize my Visions. And those things I actually did achieve through struggle and effort, disappeared again as soon as I stopped the struggle. It seems to be a natural law that "Anything you have to fight to GET, you're going to have to fight to KEEP." [Bob Proctor]

Then, after years and years of using the Struggle-Effort-Fight-Method without getting anywhere, I finally crashed so hard that I was FORCED to stop and reconsider... and being the quick thinking person I am, I began to suspect that MAYBE this Method might not really be working for me... ;-)

Since then I've been trying to TRY less and ALLOW more. Struggle less and chill more.
Sounds easy - but for a former struggling pro it can almost be counted as hard work! I constantly catch myself trying to TRY again. Especially when circumstances keep suggesting that I better try hard to improve my situation OR ELSE!!

Funny thing though: Ever since I stopped trying and started doing and thinking(!) only those things that feel good, MY LIFE KEEPS IMPROVING...! - and this also seems to be a natural law.

A few years ago when she was talking to some of the "Secret"-film teachers, Oprah Winfrey dropped the following pearl of wisdom:
"What I've figured out is that you can struggle against the current of your life, or you can figure out what the current is - the flow of your life - and turn around and be carried, literally CARRIED from one level to the next in your life. You don't have to struggle."


Be carried from one level to the next...! How cool is that...?! That's the exact opposite of the struggle-mindset!! My mind is still like "Hä? Really...??", and most of all: "How the hell could that be possible??"

And that's what I'm intending to find out now. :-)
Going with the Flow of my own Life and letting myself be carried higher and higher - because this is the way life was intended to be!

In the same Oprah-segment, James Arthur Ray explains: "The ancients tell us that when we hear a Truth, there's a seed of Truth within us that that resonates with. Whether we consciously can grasp it or not. And here's something you know: Life was not meant to be a struggle! You KNOW that, because every great teacher, sage and saint who's ever walked our planet has told you in one way, shape or fashion: Life was meant to be joyously abundant!"

Joyously abundant!

Without struggle or pain...! *amazed*
And yes, I know in my heart that this is the way life is supposed to be. Even MY life! My surface mind, however, is still full of doubts and fears because I cannot yet see HOW this is supposed to be possible in a PRACTICAL way. How do I survive, let alone be JOYOUSLY ABUNDANT, if I don't struggle and fight for it all the time...?

Apparently, I do not need to know HOW. Because: *Life itself is intelligent!*

Wallace Wattles, the author of "The Science of Getting Rich" describes Life itself as an Intelligent Substance that is continually seeking to express itself more fully. He calls it "the Great One Life ever moving forward toward fuller expression and more complete happiness". And this is the reason why the "Flow of Life" can only carry you HIGHER. It does not know any going BACKWARDS.
If Life can have its way, it will always INCREASE itself. Which means MORE: more Abundance, more Beauty, more Joy, more Creativity, more Fun, more Freedom, more Love, more LIFE!

In one of my favorite philosophical texts, The Dore Lectures on Mental Science, Thomas Troward describes how to find and follow this Flow of Life. Just like Wattles he lays down the premise that Life is intelligent. He describes how the individual can advance in his own life by "allowing a greater intelligence than his own to take initiative." -- Wow!! Life can take the initiative! That's the Flow we are talking about! And according to Troward, it will "take an initiative which will lead to far greater results than any we could forecast from the stand-point of our own knowledge."

The one condition here is to TRUST this Flow of Life, to "rest upon it with the utmost confidence" and allow it to "produce combinations far in advance of anything that we could have conceived ourselves."

I just love this!
Troward says "far greater results" and "far in advance of anything" that I could come up with myself! This is in line with a beautiful affirmation given by Reverend Michael Beckwith in his "Life Visioning" process:

"I am available to more good than I have ever experienced, realized, manifested, or imagined before."

In another passage Thomas Troward writes that, going with the Flow of Life, we may expect things to get better and better all the time: "...however good and beautiful the existing forms may be, we may always rest in the happy expectation of something still better to come."

Double wow!!
Although I'll admit I still have a hard time getting my head around this...

Does anyone know the old Beatles song "Getting better"? Paul tells the story that he came up with the super-optimistic line "It's getting better all the time" - to which John spontaneously replied "It couldn't get much worse." - and these became the lyrics in the song. :-D
It seems to be easier to expect things to improve when they couldn't get much worse... than to expect things to get really GOOD when they're sort of okay. At least when you're not used to things going well for you.

But that's what TRUST means! :-)
I don't have to know HOW something can be possible, in order to trust that it IS possible.

I have been practicing going with the Flow for a while now, and allowing 'a Greater Intelligence' to come up with the Brilliant Ideas (since I didn't have any myself), and so far it has brought me to Wonderful Wien! - and good stuff keeps happening here!

That's why I'll just keep on going in this way, despite all the doubts and fears and uncertainties that are still cluttering my mind.

Here's my M.O. for this real life experiment:

- appreciate all the Good that is already surrounding me
- do whatever feels good to me here & now
- follow my inspiration (= act on ideas that feel good)
- trust that Life is intelligent and will "take an initiative which will lead to far greater results" than I could conceive from where I stand.
- wait until I can see it - and then act.
- be alert and listen.
- follow the voice of Life, ignore the voice of fear.

- try to "save my ass" or keep something bad from happening
- solve problems.
- believe that I might end up in a bad place again if I don't do something to prevent it.
- try to make Good stuff stay.
- try to make more Good stuff come.
- base my actions on doubt, worry or fear.

And in this way I should soon be able to see even MORE Light in my life - until I have reached the point where even my surface mind is convinced that Life is MAGNIFICENT!! :-)

"Know the Truth - and the Truth will set you free."

I'll let you know how it goes... :-)

***3 Dinge die ich an Wien liebe***
- dass das Wiener Stadtwappen aus Dannebrog besteht. (Dannebrog = dänische Flagge)
- dass es hier Wälder gibt wie in Eisenach! Ur geil.
- Wiener Linien.
am 17. Aug 2012

Øl vs. Bier

Øl vs. Bier Heinz und ich sind in der Abenddämmerung mit dem Zeam zum Cobenzl [= aufn Berg] gefahren und haben Wiener Dosen-Bier mit Kopenhagener Dosen-Øl verglichen. Die Ottakringer Brauerei liegt bei Heinz gleich um die Ecke und ich hatte in Dänemark ganz nah an der Carlsberg-Brauerei gewohnt.

Die Treffen mit Heinz sind immer wieder erfrischend unterhaltsam und erkenntnisreich - auch diesmal habe ich wieder einiges gelernt:

1) Ottakringer und Carlsberg in Dosen schmecken irgendwie... ziemlich gleich. :-| Es steht unentschieden.
2) das iPhone koordiniert beim Foto-machen voll intelligent die Belichtungszeiten von Vorder-/Hintergrund - GENIAL!! B-)
3) wenn man im Ösiland zuviel gesoffen hat, kotzt man nicht. Man speibt.
4) wenn man die 9 Ösi-Bundesländer aufzählt, darf man auf keinen Fall die Steiermark vergessen!
5) im Ösiland gibt es kein 'Esszett'. Nur ein "Scharfes Es".
6) nicht alle Ösis rollen das 'R'.
7) die vielen alten Riesen-Personenwaagen, die überall in Wien rumstehen, sind für die meisten Wiener unsichtbar. Komisch. Vielleicht bin ich sogar die einzige Person auf der Welt, die sie sehen kann...? *kopfkratz*
8) meine Idee, das Wiener Stadtwappen aufs Zeam zu lackieren ist durchaus eine Überlegung wert...!
[An alle Leute in Wien: wenn jemand weisse & rote Farbe und ausserdem Klarlack rumstehen hat, bitte bei mir melden, Danke. Achja, ein Pinsel wär noch gut.]
9) es gibt Menschen, die wissen gar nicht, dass es den VW Golf auch OHNE Hasi drauf gibt.
10) die Schäl Sick von Wien ist wirklich die Schäl Sick von Wien, wie ich es vermutet hatte (siehe früheres Blog-Post)
11) wer im Hietzinger Villenviertel wohnt und mal wieder 'nen Kick braucht, geht in die Pizzeria Mafiosi im Fünfzehnten.
12) Porsche hätte mal fast VW übernommen, und dann würden die Golfs jetzt "Porsche Golf" heissen.
13) nach ca. anderthalb Dosen Bier sieht man am Horizont von Wien so ein komisches rotes Rad aufleuchten und dann wieder verschwinden...
14) The One-and-Only-Master-of-the-Zeam Martin rennt mit der Idee rum, den Wiener Weihnachtsbaum zu zerschneiden und Zeams draus zu machen (oder wie die dann heissen)... Coooooool!! Davon will ich UNBEDINGT eins haben!!!
15) die Ösis können im Fussball auch gewinnen. Krass. (Aber nicht in vier Wochen!)
16) 's Göid muss ma zum Fenster raushaun, dann kommts bei de Tür wieder rein.
17) Wenn die App sagt, dass der Bus nach Hause 22:38 fährt, dann stimmt das nicht. Man kann ihn aber noch von hinten sehen und ihm zuwinken.

***3 Dinge die ich an Wien liebe***
- dass es mit mir im Prater 'citybiken' übt! :-)
- dass ich hier Leute treffe, die das Wort "Arbeiten" TATSÄCHLICH nicht mit "Leiden" in Verbindung bringen...! Ich WUSSTE, dass es sie gibt!! *comingHome!*
- die Bommelbäume.
am 15. Aug 2012

Living in the NOW.

Living in the NOW. (das Zeam sitzt hier gerade auf der Wien-Karte im hippen 7. Bezirk. Hier wohnen wir jetzt seit gut 4 Wochen. Ende der Woche ziehen wir um und verbringen 3 Wochen im wunderschönen 18. Bezirk. *freu!*)

When talking about one of my favorite subjects, Dreams and Goals, it sometimes sounds like I'm projecting all Life & Good away from me into the future - like I can't be fulfilled until I have achieved whatever goal I have set. Well, thinking this way is a trap I do fall into once in a while ;-) - but it's not what I mean to say or practice at all.

The Big-Dream-Manifestation talk is all about wanting to convey the idea that "Yes, you CAN be, do and have exactly what you want!" - which is also the message that I myself most need to, want to, LOVE to hear! :-) But what is just as important is to understand that Life is happening NOW and supposed to feel good and full NOW!
So here's my perspective on how it all fits together:

Having a Vision and knowing that you're on your way to manifesting it, is something that should fill you with Life here & now! Apart from other positive side effects like giving you a sense of purpose & direction, it makes you feel the positive energy of "Happy Expectation" flowing through your body - one of my favorite states to be in! You feel alive, creative, inspired, confident and empowered - and you can't help but radiate this energy out into your environment. It flows into everything you do here and now, and it uplifts the people around you here and now!
It doesn't always have to be a high-flying state of enthusiasm or passion. Just a simple quiet knowing that Something Wonderful is unfolding is a very sweet and restful state of being. :-)

However, sometimes when I'm in a rather low emotional state, I don't have access to this good-feeling energy of Happy Expectation. For example, I might feel dissatisfied with my PRESENT situation and impatient about my goals manifesting.
There's a concept called the "Emotional Guidance Scale" which is perfect for illustrating what I mean. I got it from the Abraham Hicks-teachings, and the understanding of it has been of tremendous help to me in making my way "out of the dark into the light". It shows you how to transform negative emotions into positive Life-Energy!

The Emotional Scale ranges from the very good-feeling emotions on the top of the scale, down to the very bad-feeling emotions on the bottom.
For the purpose of our example I'm only using the top half of the scale here:

1)Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom /Love/Appreciation
2) Passion
3) Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
4) Positive Expectation/Belief
5) Optimism
6) Hopefulness
7) Contentment
8) Boredom
9) Pessimism
10) Frustration/Impatience/Irritation

Every emotion corresponds to an actual level of vibration (frequency) that your body is in. The lower on the scale an emotion, the worse it feels, and the lower the frequency of your energy.

You can see that a feeling of dissatisfaction (=frustration/impatience/irritation) is on a much lower frequency than a feeling of Positive Expectation. It's important to understand that you cannot "jump" frequencies. You have to shift gradually. That's one of the most valuable lessons I've learned so far! (And yet I keep forgetting...)

When I'm in on the frequency of dissatisfaction, I cannot make the jump all the way up to happy expectation. The frequencies are too far apart. In fact, thinking of my Vision now would only aggravate this feeling of dissatisfaction: I notice how sucky my present situation is, I notice how my desire is not yet manifested, I feel the lack of it... So you see: Instead of GIVING me Energy, thinking of my Vision is actually draining me of energy! That's the exact opposite of what a Vision is supposed to do.

In this case it is a wise idea to mentally "let go" of the Goal for while and focus on WHERE I AM. From where I am, I can then begin to slowly and steadily climb up the emotional scale: Usually, it's quite easy to get to a state of CONTENTMENT - which is higher on the scale than dissatisfaction and feels much better already! It doesn't feel as spectacularly good as the Happy Expectation I was describing above. But it's already much closer and means a real shift in my energy! So if I can make it to contentment and stabilize there, I can pat myself on the back!

A very helpful practice to get into a nice contented state is "Gratitude": Focusing on the Good that is already here right now. And it may just be simple little things like

* Mmmh, I like having this cup of coffee... Tastes good...!
* and I'm glad I have the freedom to eat my coffee with a spoon instead of drinking it like normal people do. Freedom is a good thing.
* Oh, I like this cloud floating by up there. It's so nice and fluffy and white...
* Isn't it cool to have ten fingers... Typing would be much harder and slower if I only had seven. So I'm glad I have ten.
* I'm glad I have a Zeam. Life without a Zeam must really suck... ;-D
* I like being in Ösiland. It's a nice country to be in. I've only had good experiences in this country.
* I'm so glad I'm in Wien. What a blessing to be here!
* mmmmh, I really like this chewing gum...!

What I'm doing is taking my attention away from what DOESN'T work and what I DON'T have, and placing it on what IS working and what I DO have. Instead of lack, I'm focusing on fullness.
Half-full instead of half-empty.
"Energy flows where attention goes" - whatever I focus on increases! And the more I focus on the good I CAN see, the easier it becomes to find more good-feeling thoughts and step by step climb up the Emotional Scale, back to the state where I can really feel the full Life flowing through me.

Joe Vitale explained it really well in the film "The Secret":
"What can you do right now to begin to turn your life around? The very first thing is to start making a list of things to be grateful for. This shifts your energy and starts to shift your thinking. Whereas before this exercise you might be focusing on what you don't have, your complaints, and your problems, you go in a different direction when you do this exercise. You start to be grateful for all the things that you feel good about."

And Eckhart Tolle wrote in his book "A New Earth":
"You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge."

It's all about feeling as good as you can NOW.
There's a saying that goes "There can be no happy ending to an unhappy journey." - and that's SO TRUE! *speakingfromexperience* :-D

A couple of years ago when everybody was talking about "The Secret" and the "Law of Attraction", Oprah had some of the "Secret" teachers on her show, including Michael Beckwith - and he explained:
"We're not anticipating Good. We're not anticipants. We are PARTICIPANTS. When you're anticipating some future good, you're preventing that good that is all around you from expressing through you. Life is MAGNIFICENT. The Presence and the Power and the Love is everywhere in its fullness, and we're discovering ways to participate in that flow, rather than to put life on the layaway plan and to try to anticipate that it's going to get good in the future... -- No! It's happening NOW!
So all of these laws that we begin to practice - they open us up to be a full participant in life."


I'll recommend this blog post to myself - it's a good reminder! :-)

***3 Dinge die ich an Wien liebe***
- dass es so viel Geduld mit mir hat.
- dass es hier irgendwie alles gibt. ALLES. Sogar Trabis.
- dass es mich zurück liebt. :-)
am 06. Aug 2012

Rebooting Wien: Leben & Tod

Rebooting Wien: Leben & Tod (das Zeam und ich beim Foto-Shooting im "Park der Ruhe & Kraft" auf dem Superduper-Riesen-Zentralfriedhof - einer der grössten, tollsten und dekadentesten in Europa!)

Ok, I might have written quite an essay again, even though I tried to make it a digestible blog-post... ;-)
IF my words seem too confused or complex I blame it on the 30+ degrees in Vienna which make my brain run sort of sluggish... I myself am totally getting it though and I've had fun contemplating and writing it down! :-D

To give it some structure, here's the overview:

1.) German Intro
2.) Part 1: DEAD OR ALIVE?
3.) Part 2: "LOVING JESUS"
4.) Fazit.

~ ~ ~

Dumont-Reiseführer Wien: "Man sagt, die Wiener hätten im Vergleich zu anderen Großstädtern eine besonders intime Beziehung zum Tod. Im Unterschied zu so vielen anderen gängigen Klischees entspricht dieses ausnahmslos der Wahrheit."

Aha. Diese besondere Eigenheit der Wiener Mentalität wurde mir kürzlich von einer sehr lebensfrohen und trotzdem waschechten Wienerin bestätigt. Sie brachte das Phänomen in Verbindung mit dem allgemeinen Wiener Hang zur Schwermütigkeit ("Wien hat den Blues").

Ich habe mittlerweile mein eigenes Verhältnis zum Thema "Tod" entwickelt, welches ich insofern als "wienerisch" bezeichnen würde, als es ebenfalls recht "eng" ist. Jedoch fühlt sich meine Perspektive für mich nicht schwermütig und dunkel an, sondern ganz im Gegenteil: gesund, lebendig und äusserst lebens-bejahend!

Dieses Wien-Mentalitäts-Reboot soll dazu dienen, die "besonders intime Beziehung zum Tod" von einer neuen, positiveren Seite beleuchten. :-)

~ ~ ~ PART 1: DEAD OR ALIVE? ~ ~ ~

A few days ago I was kidding around on facebook about being in love with Falco (because I've been feeling inspired by him & his energy ever since I came to Vienna). Then a friend made a comment saying that it's "uncool" to love dead people, be it Falco or Jesus for that matter.

Well, if "loving dead people" sucks the life right out of you then I agree: you probably shouldn't do it. ;-)
But there are other perspectives on the subject that are very life-giving in nature and therefore definitely COOL. B-)

First of all, whatever inspires the feeling of "Love" in someone, is a GOOD thing. Whether it be a living person, or a pet, or a city, or a song, or a material object... or a DEAD person. Love and Appreciation are life-giving and whatever you can use to focus on that will inspire these emotions within you is alright!
(oh, reminds me of the John Lennon song: "Whatever gets you thru the night... 's alright, 's alright...")
Besides, if I focus on something and it inspires me, then it becomes very much ALIVE - in me!

And second of all: I want to re-define "dead" and "alive".

In recent years I've been doing a lot of studying on subjects like Metaphysics, Spirituality, Mental Science, the the basic findings of quantum physics etc. This research combined with my own experience has led me to the understanding that we are all made up of the same NON-PYSICAL stuff: Energy. We could also call it "Spirit" or "Consciousness". I like to call it "Life-Energy".

On the physical plane, this Life-Energy expresses itself through and as MATTER. For example in a human body. But the body is only the vehicle, the FORM the Life-Energy has taken to express itself! When the body dies the Life-Energy which was sustaining it, still IS. Both science and religion tell us that Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
So we see that the actual LIFE in a person is something more than just their body - it's the Spirit that is LIVING IN the body. My favorite philosophical author, Thomas Troward, expressed it this way:

"In our old order of thought we have always associated Life with the physical body ... Now, however, we know that Life is much more than this ... we see that the originating life is not physical: its livingness consists in thought and feeling. By this inner movement it throws out vehicles through which to function, and these become living forms because of the inner-principle which is sustaining them." [Dore Lectures on Mental Science]

My point is: the only part of us which IS truly alive, is NON-PHYSICAL - and always will be.
A "dead person" therefore, could be described as a specific kind of Life-Energy that is no longer expressing in the physical body it had been expressing in for a while. But the ENERGY itself still exists independently of time and space (meaning: it exists HERE & NOW!) and everyone has access to it through their own thought & feeling.

I am equating Energy with Life! The Aliveness I'm feeling in myself, IS the Energy that can never die! To me, "death" is defined as the Absence of Life. So when I die, I'm not dead. :-P Physical death simply means that my consciousness becomes one with the Whole again: the One Infinite Life Energy Field that we ALL are a part of.

>>> Hey waitaminute, I'm touching on the original Zeam idea: "Den Teilnehmern soll mit diesem Projekt wieder der Blick aufs Ganze ermöglicht werden. Sie können erleben, wie wir alle untereinander und mit der Natur in Verbindung stehen" Cool! :-D

Oh, but now I've got something more which is EXTREMELY fascinating:

~ ~ ~ PART 2: "LOVING JESUS" ~ ~ ~

Jesus was mentioned above as an example for a "dead person". However, what is special about him that we don't find in your average dead grandparent is, that he's a case of a very fascinating phenomenon called "Morphic Fields"! It was Rupert Sheldrake who originally postulated the "Morphic Field" theory - a well known concept in, for example Systemic Therapy and also in 'Matrix Energetics' (= another really cool form of Energy Healing).
There are all kinds of valid definitions of Morphic Fields out there, depending on which area of expertise you are dealing with. For our purposes, I will define it as an "energetic field of information" in our collective consciousness. I love the way Ernest Holmes put it in 'Science of Mind': "There is only one Mind and we all think into it"
--- so imagine there is this One Collective Mind that we all use everytime we think. All the information, all the thoughts which have ever been thought, are in there. Some of them have become well established thought-patterns - powerful morphic fields - because a lot of people have been focused on them over and over for long periods of time. These fields are accessible to anyone who will focus on them by their own thought!

"Jesus" is a perfect example for such a Morphic Field that many people have been powerfully focused upon for millenia. I understand He represents the idea of Unconditional Love - the Highest, Purest, Divinest kind of Love possible.

I have not grown up with any religious teaching whatsoever myself, nor do I know anybody personally who claims to "love Jesus". But what I imagine happens in the ideal case of the "Jesus-lover" is this: Someone who has accepted the idea of Jesus as the expression of Divine Love & Goodness, would be easily able to connect to this "Morphic Jesus-Energy Field" just by focusing on Him. By doing that, the person is then able to experience (feel) a degree of this Divine Love within themselves. It is the Source of Life itself they are connecting to, a very real thing! - and they are able to do this THROUGH the idea of this person Jesus. What a wonderful thing! :-)
The Power of the Field in this case is, that it can overrule the doubts of the surface mind - it "sucks you right in" so to speak, and it becomes easier to experience a real connection with the Energy (which would be hindered by doubts/disbelief).

...but is this REAL? Depends on how you define "real". If it has an effect on that persons consciousness, it is REAL to that person! ...if the effect on their consciousness is deep enough to actually effect PHYSICAL change (e.g. the person is healed physically, or their behavior/attitude is changed), then other people can agree on its reality too.

I conclude that "loving Jesus", as well as "loving dead people" is a very healthy thing to do in principle. :-)

~ ~ ~ FAZIT ~ ~ ~

Hach, wie schön, dass man in Wien kein Tabu bricht wenn man laut über Grundsatzfragen wie 'Leben & Tod' nachdenkt! :-)
Vielleicht ist es gerade dieser Teil der Wiener Seele, der mir intuitiv zusagt: dass sowohl Licht als auch Dunkelheit als Aspekte des Seins anerkannt und erlebt werden...? Erst wenn man beides kennt, kann man sich wirklich frei entscheiden, wo man hingehört.

***3 Dinge, die ich an Wien liebe***
- dass der Himmel oft so geil aussieht
- dass ich nach Jahren (in Skandinavien) endlich mal wieder überall Jaguar XK8's sehe
- Stadtteil Grinzing - wow!!
am 03. Aug 2012

Die Schäl Sick von Wien

Die Schäl Sick von Wien Das Zeam und ich waren zu Gast bei einem Vorarlberger Freund in Floridsdorf. Das ist auf der anderen Seite.
Also von der Donau. Da ich ein paar Jahre in Köln gewohnt habe, muss ich davon ausgehen, dass es sich bei der anderen Donau-Seite um die "Schäl Sick" handelt. Das ist Kölsch und heisst scheele/falsche Seite. :-)

In Köln ist nur die linksrheinische Seite das echte Köln. Da befindet sich natürlich auch der Dom und die Innenstadt und alles was gut und schön und kölsch ist. Die rechtsrheinische Seite ist wohl irgendwann mal aus Gnade-slash-Mitleid eingekölscht worden, wird aber für alle Ewigkeit die Schäl Sick bleiben.

Und die gibt es also auch in Wien. Cool!
Wir haben auf der Wiener Schäl Sick ein bayrisches Bier getrunken. :-)
Es waren ca. 30 Grad und das Zeam hat laut eigenen Angaben sehr geschwitzt. Man sah es ihm jedoch nicht an.

Wir sind mit der "U6" auf die Schäl Sick gefahren. Bei der U6 handelt es sich um eine überirdische U-Bahn - GE. NI. AL!! Die Wiener! Auf sowas muss man erstmal kommen! Wohlgemerkt: KEINE S-Bahn und auch KEINE Strassenbahn. Sondern eine U-Bahn. Überirdisch. Also im Prinzip eine Ü-Bahn. Wunderbar. Leiwandige Erfindung!

Übrigens sind wir gerade die Wiener Seele am kontemplieren...
["wir" - das sind das Zeam und ich. Denn wer ein Zeam hat ist nie mehr allein!]
...und werden natürlich über die Resultate tiefgründige Blog-Einträge verfassen, hehe... ;-)

***3 Dinge, die ich an Wien liebe***
- dass man hier alte Freunde wiedertrifft.
- dass es eine Schäl Sick hat.
- dass es eine Ü-bahn gibt.
am 29. Jul 2012

The Queen in Wien!

The Queen in Wien! (Rias Lieblingsbezirk ist bisher der 18. - besonders der westliche Teil. Hier haben sogar die Katzen ihre eigenen Autos zum draufrumliegen...! Weil sie es sich wert sind.)

The Queen's back in Wien! Oh right, Madonna is in town as well. Cool!! Now we are two queens B-) If there's a city that can contain us both at once, it must be Vienna - the *City of Worthiness*!
How do I justify sounding so full of myself?! I'm not the one filling the stadium tonight (hell, I'm not even IN the stadium tonight!), nor am I the one inspiring millions around the globe, decade after decade...?! No, I certainly haven't climbed the Throne of my own life yet - but I just remembered that this Throne is where I belong. :-) I sometimes forget that...

I'm at a point in my life where I'm not committed to any outside condition, so it would seem that I am perfectly free and can choose whatever I want from here. However, the choices available to me are limited by my own PERCEPTION. I can only perceive those choices that are existing in the particular reality I'm tuned into at any moment in time. I "tune in" by my thoughts and feelings: If I feel like I am not capable of doing what I wish to do, then this is the reality I perceive and no options will appear that would take me into the preferred direction.

The doubts & confusion I've been experiencing lately came from the fact that I wasn't seeing any options (action steps to take) in my current environment that would take me in the direction of what I really want to be, do and have. And so I started losing Faith and considering second-best choices that would lead me to second-best scenarios for my life... I'm free to do that, of course, but as the Queen of Pop sang:
"second best is never enough" - because
"you deserve the best in life"!
[Express Yourself]

I do not HAVE TO tune into second-best reality!

And *Wien* just reminded me of that! :-) The beauty I see in this city reminds me of what I'm worth and that I DO deserve the best in life.
As does everyone, by the way. I'm now going to put a spell on this Zeam so that everyone who has it in the future will remember that. :-)

I like this feeling - it's called "Worthiness". I've also heard people call it "deservingness" - the higher your mental level of deservingness, the more you allow Life to give to you. Life Itself never holds anything back from anyone. But we ourselves determine, by our own perception (mental attitude), how much life we allow ourselves to receive.
I have a beautiful quote by Michael Beckwith that illustrates this inherent Unconditional Givingness of Life - he's speaking about it in the context of "Love" and "God", which in my eyes is synonymous for Life:

"Love is synonymous for God. And God's real religion is Love. Now Love is not sirupy, sweet sentimentality, it's not even an emotion. Love is the total given-ness and giving-ness of the Spirit, everywhere present.
And one of the Spirit's qualities is that it does not have any withhold. Individuals who have been beseeching God, for God to give them something, were praying amiss, because there is no WITHHOLD in omnipresence, there is no withhold in Unconditional Love, there's no CONDITION in the Giving. The nature of pure Spirit is total giving of itself at every point in the universe."

So if I cannot see any first-choice options right now, then the one thing I CAN do is STOP accepting lesser realities by considering second-best scenarios.

Aaaaah, clarity is back! :)

...and following that clarity, I also had an idea of a next step that DOES take me in the direction of where I really want to go. It will also determine when the Zeam & I will leave Wien and where we'll go next - so I'll investigate it further...

***3 Dinge, die ich an Wien liebe***
- dass die Ampeln immer so cool blinken bevor sie von Grün auf Gelb & Rot umschalten
- dass die Bezirksnummern an den Strassenschildern stehen - damit man nicht versehentlich im Ghetto aussteigt, hehe ;-)
- Ottakringer

am 26. Jul 2012

Zeam-Intentions: The Rules of the Game!

Zeam-Intentions: The Rules of the Game! (heute waren wir beim Donauturm und haben ihn uns von unten angeschaut :-D )

Now it's time to set some intentions for the life of this particular Zeam!

As Heinz mentioned in the very first post, there are some dreams/visions I want to manifest in my life. And they belong to the category of things I really really REALLY desire, but cannot initially see a way of HOW to achieve them.

I understand that this is the case with most people who achieved great things in their life: they knew what they wanted, but they didn't know how to achieve it until they had achieved it. In many cases, their ideas were considered impossible or crazy by the crowd. Until those ideas became realities and now everyone's enjoying the benefits.
That's why Bob Proctor once said "Geniuses are all dead. When they were alive they were crazy." :-D

But what I've learned so far: If you have a Vision you want to manifest, you don't need to know HOW you're going to do it - you only need to know you are GOING TO do it. In other words: you have to BELIEVE that whatever you want is possible for you, and that you ARE going to achieve it even though you do not yet know how.

In my reality we can be, do, or have ANYTHING we desire. Because "Desire is possibility seeking expression, or function seeking performance." [Wallace Wattles]
If the desire is real, that is, if it is coming 'from your heart', then it belongs to you and is absolutely possible, regardless of what people or past or present circumstances are telling you.

"Everything you are seeking is seeking you in return. Therefore, everything you want is already yours." [Bob Proctor]

Therefore, this Zeam is going to be *the Zeam that makes your Dreams come true.* :-)
And it's going to work in this way:

~ Rule No.1 ~
This Zeam is only given to people who have a Dream, a Vision in their life - something specific that they really truly desire to be, to do, or to have. If they haven't already done it, they must turn their Vision into (at least) one specific Goal which they now intend to make a physical reality. If the Vision is a big one, the Goal could also be the first important step on the way. It should be big enough to take the person outside of their old paradigm (= past experiences/belief systems), but small enough to be achievable within a reasonable amount of time - so the Zeam doesn't get bored. :-)

~ Rule No.2 ~
The Zeam will stay with the person until the defined Goal is achieved.

~ Rule No.3 ~
Having the Zeam means that the Whole Universe is ON YOUR SIDE and you will achieve your Goal, no matter what your present conditions are.

During the past weeks I've been having some serious doubts again regarding my own Visions. *admit*
Doubting myself and my ability to live life in my own way & to achieve what I desire, is the worst thing that could happen. And it feels AWFUL. When I'm in that kind of darkness and confusion, I find it hard to find my way out again. So now I'm glad that the Zeam is helping! :-) It's a great way to focus myself back on track.
Plus, now that I've set these Intentions, we can be sure that this Zeam will not only help me, but everyone who will have it in the future. :-)

Unless I accidentally drop it into the Donau first. Then it's Game Over for everyone, hehe. I've got the Power! B-)

zum Abschluss:
*** 3 Dinge, die ich an Wien liebe ***
- dass es gar nicht so schrecklich heiss ist wie ich dachte
- dass die meisten Leute hier so ne coole Sprache sprechen (Ösi-Deutsch)
- dass es keine Mücken gibt (zumindest da, wo ich immer bin)

P.S.: Ich finde dieses Blog nicht luxuriös genug. Ich bin schliesslich gerade in Wien da kann ich mehr dekadente Funktionen erwarten...! zumindest Schriftarten, Farben, kursiv, fett usw.... *nörgel*